5 Guiding Principles

1. Do NOT refer to a healthy lifestyle as a diet. A nutrition plan can be part of your healthy LIFESTYLE. Remember, 80% of people who achieve diet goals end up gaining back the lost weight. Those who live a healthy lifestyle typically maintain weight goals.

2. ENJOY what you eat. If you do not find healthy food that you like then it is just a diet and you will eventually run in to problems. Think about this… how can you know what it tastes like if you do not try it.

3. YOU already have what it takes. This is pretty much true! Ideas, plans, and adjustments will only supplement your strengths and ability to live healthy.

4. EXERCISE cannot be overlooked. It makes me sick when I hear of diets that do not include exercise. You will struggle to maintain your healthy goals if you do not exercise. Find exercise that is fun for you… YES.. exercise can be fun… if you find what you like. For me, I enjoy running forever. My wife, hates running but enjoys walking, bicycling, and much more.

5. Do not ever give up on your goals!!! STAY STRONG! People may question your goals and some may not understand why you would rather not have the butter…. surround yourself with positive people!!!

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