Why I run?

1. I run with no headphones…. this is a time to reflect, learn, and release.
2. Psychological, physiological, and physical benefits.
3. Good health
4. Push limits
5. This is my natural mood stabilizer!

I hear many stories of people losing their families and marriages to running and exercise, just as any other addiction. So, where to draw the line? I mean when all is said and done my religion, wife, and three children are the most important in my life, everything else is secondary. So, how can I allow running to help me deeper my spirituality and be a better husband and father?

1. Run only during times that do not interfere with family time. For me this means run while family is sleeping or during lunch breaks.
2. Another option is to run along side my wife while she is on her bike ride! This is fun…. my wife carries 3 kids on her bike ride, they all fall asleep and we get some nice intimate conversation!!!
3. Set boundaries with race participation. Sure, it would be fun to run tons of races each year, but it is not worth sacrificing all of my families’ time. We set the cap at 5 races per year. With all things considered 5 ultra marathons per year is sufficient!
4. It is ok to skip a training day. Yes, this is a hard fact to accept as an endurance runner. If my wife needs some more sleep or a kiddo needs a snuggle from dad in early in the morning, then it is perfectly acceptable to hang at home and adapt my training plan.
5. Never force or attempt to persuade my wife or children to run as I do. Yes, I want my family to be active but it is not appropriate to force this passion on my family…. This may be the most important principle of all!

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