Fat to 50

There is no beating around the bush, I was fat! I did not need to be 325+ pounds, and I knew it. So, why did I stay big for that long when all I was doing was feeling sluggish and not reaching physical goals? CONFIDENCE!!! Often times we, as humans, struggle to make any type of behavior change because we lack confidence that is necessary to compliment the motivation, and desire, it takes to change. Paradoxically, my confidence came to make this change because I realized I had no idea the true limitations of my body and I knew I was not using it the way I should/could. I recognized that taking it day by day I could someday learn more of the physical limitations. So, confidence came through knowing that I did not know my body’s true physical potential while knowing I could learn more about it if I worked at it each day! Hmmm sounds like spiritual progression!

So, I did it! I learned more of my body’s potential. Running a 50K (31 miles) at elevation! This race made two-a-days in college football seem more like “woose camp.” No kidding! This was just as much mental as it was physical. I saw several people just quit during the race and I knew my body could do more. I knew that if I had trained properly then any fatigue was simply in my mind! I monitored my heart rate, which was an overall average of 150 and never exceeded 168. Monitoring my heart rate allowed myself to have the assurance that if I felt fatigued I could call bluff and be reassured my mind was trying to woose out on me!

The weather was unusually warm. I should have started with salt pills earlier in the race. So, around mile 20 my calves locked in a full cramp and continued to do so until mile 31 (finish). I don’t feel it hardly at all today… no long term consequence of cramping for 11 miles!!!! Just more confidence and knowledge that I truly am far from knowing the potential of my body.

Next up…. BolderBoulder 10k in a few weeks and then July is the 60K (37 mile) ultramarathon mountain run!!!! Then a few more after that!

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