Not So Happy Eat What You Want Day…

I flipped on the radio today and listened to people describing the nonsense crap they are planning to eat today in an effort to celebrate a joke of a holliday, “Eat What You Want Day.” I then continued flipping the radio stations and heard Rush Limbaugh making the comment that listeners could order some shirt from his website in any size up to XXXX, he then made the point that he wants to support those who are obese in effort to to combat the Obama’s efforts in creating a healtier country. After these two comments on the radio I shut it off and reflected….

1. Who created this Eat What You Want Day?
Thomas and Ruth Roy created this joke of a holiday. So, who are these people…. yep you guessed it, they make e-cards and come up with reasons to celebrate. Don’t get me wrong, I love to celebrate, but come on lets celebrate something in a more appropriate manner!
2. Why does Rush Limbaugh so strongly oppose good health?
A few years back I would listen to Rush… then I noticed my level of anger would increase dramatically while listening to him. I then realized many of my political views stood contrary to those of Rush. Now, he has taken this stance on fighting anyone who believes in good health. Well, I do not know Rush personally and have not sat down with him to understand why he so strongly opposes all good health ideas, but I can only hypothesize that he lacks confidence and desires that others do, as well! Come one…. lets help one another feel good and be happy…. lets celebrate good health and well being!

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