Outside vs Inside

A treadmill will get you exercise, let’s face it! After all, we do own a treadmill. However, is exercise all that I am looking for? Absolutely not. I do not prepare for a 50, or 100 miler, for the purpose of getting in some exercise. Rather, I look to running as a preventative coping skill and adventure! In addition, I do live in Colorado, the best state in the country with the most beautiful terrain around! Let’s look at a couple of things…

1. People often say, “How can endurance runners stand running such long distances, especially during training runs?” Many people ask this question with the perspective of running such long runs on a treadmill, or maybe around the block 50 laps. Well, when you have a difficult trail to focus on and every time you look up you are blessed with an incredible view… why would not want to stay on the trail for a long time?

2. Even when I do pavement pounding I can still find areas that I enjoy and get more or a quality run with some good hills included. It is always fun to run through a nice city park where many runners are trotting alongside!

3. How much wildlife do you see while running on a treadmill? Exactly! From birds to bears you get it all outside! And people often worry about the bears… well don’t run around with fresh salmon on your back and you will be fine!

4. They have come out with these treadmills that have programs that make it feel like you are running the Andes or Rockies…. come on are you serious? At anytime you can just push the ‘stop’ button on the treadmill; whereas, if you are actually on the rocky mountains and you want to stop…. well you have to walk back down. Quitting should not be made so simple! Furthermore, you miss out on the scenery, surface, and beauty of just being outside.

5. Natural light influences mood. An individual is more likely to feel more happy after haven been outside.

6. Run during a sunrise. You cannot really capture that on a treadmill. No words really do justice for a gorgeous sunrise.

7. Take a moonlight run. Whether it be through the woods on on the streets taking a midnight run is amazing!

8. Run in the rain. Someone recently remarked that it was going to be raining for a few days and mentioned that is probably a bummer for me as it will impede my running…. no way! Running in the rain is truly refreshing. In fact, before that person made the comment I had already been thinking of how nice it was going to be running around in the wet weather!

There are several more reasons I could propose to support my argument of running outside; however, I have other work to do 🙂 One thing to consider… if running on a treadmill is your thing then stick with it. In the end you are at least reaping the benefits of exercise… just missing out on the real excitement of running outside!!!

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