Good Times

This is one inspirational guy! Mongo and I were best of friends through high school. We played football together, he was offensive tackle and I was defensive end. Many of good football fights. He went to play college ball at Tulsa and I was at Dixie. When he was done playing he got his lost tons of weight and got into running. This weekend he came out from Oklahoma to run the Pikes Peak Marathon. He finished in great time!

Mongo is one of those guys that you just want to be around. He was always welcomed in our home growing up because he was a good influence on me and treated my parents with the utmost respect. Although Mongo is very candid , he is kind and loyal. I was always pretty immature in high school, but Mongo saw something good in me and has remained a good friend and role model in my life!

Now, we just have to work out some logistics to run a 100 miler, or something fun like that!!!!

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