Inspirational + Great Quality

Check this out… Yata is name of the founder of this company. He used his name Yata and created the catchy acronym ‘You Are The Answer.’ On his website ( he shares a little insight to this concept:

“YATA -The more you believe in yourself the more goals you will attain. Every test is passable with focus and preparation. You are designed by God and driven by the spirit, you can’t lose…..
You Are The Answer”

What I appreciate…. Yata is a guy that when you meet him you are inspired to be your best. The idea that we can achieve what we 1. Focus on, and 2. Prepare for is right on. What makes even more sense to me is his recognition that we are created by God and because of the abilities he has given us we can achieve incredible new heights.

Not only do I find his work inspirational, the quality of the apparel is great. My favorite shirt is the one below. After a long 20-30 mile run I barely feel the sweat held in my shirt!

The purpose of this shirt is that when you are working out and look into the mirror you are quickly reminded that “You Are The Answer.”

Check out his stuff!

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