American Discovery Trail Marathon Report

Busted out the pink for this one, which is to support my Aunt (and those with breast cancer). Check out my “50 For the Fight” tab.

What a freezing start. Plenty of runners starting off in trash bags. At the startn line my goal was to run easy and enjoy. I figured anything under 4 hrs would be acceptable, shooting for closer to 3:40.

I stuck with the 3hr 40min pacer for the first 7 miles. Todd and I decided we both needed to hit the potty. We increased to a 7 min/mile pace so we could do the deed and catch the pacer in stride. After the quick stop I popped out right in time to catch the pacer. However, Todd was not around. I thought he might have just taken longer or was grabbing some goodies at the aid station. I figured he would catch up. After a few miles I slowed down because I had not seen Todd. I slowed and then caught back up to the pacer. At mile 15 I still had not seen Todd and so I stopped and tried to look back on the trail for him. I then went slow for a couple miles thinking he would make his way up, but he did not come up from behind. So, I picked up the pace for the remainder.

I got to the last .3 of the race and my daughter ran in with me!That was the best part of the day! I saw Todd at the finish and come to find out… he didn’t get a restroom back at mile 8 so he just took off! He finished ahead!!! He ran strong! I finished in 3 hrs. 58 min.

The entire race was well supported. They had aid stations every 2 miles. However, the aid stations only had liquid and gels… kind of a bummer. Trail was nice as it was groomed dirt. The shirt design was not too admirable… they need a new design!

Overall, I am sticking to the ultras. The marathon distance was not very engaging. I enjoy the climbs and crawls of an ultra. I look forward to difficult terrain and the near falls (or complete falls). I enjoy the mental exhaustion of an ultra. The marathon distance seems like a sprint race and not much time in solitude. Just some thoughts!

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