2012 Race Schedule

Here we go! 2011 has been a blast and 2012 looks to be even better. I feel that I am ready to prepare myself for some very challenging races. I have selected four races that I want to run. Due to limited entry for the Solstice and Wasatch, I have chosen backup plans. These back up plans are not “B” races…. they, too, are very challenging and races I desire to run!

1.  Trudge 22 mile Mountain/Snow Run

The Trudge!!!!! This takes place in the beautiful state of Wyoming. Runners typically finish this race in 50k time. Lots of snow!!! No snow shoes or skis allowed. I will be busting out the yaktrax and spikes for this one!

2. Antelope Island Buffalo Run 100 Miler

This will be my first 100 miler!!! 2 Laps around the Island. Ultimate goal: Finish! Secondary goal: sub 24 hour. Will probably be facing some good cold temps on this one.

3. The San Juan Solstice 50 Mile Run: Divide and Conquer

I am thinking this will be nearly as challenging as a 100 miler. Reaching elevations over 13,o00 feet. Just look at the website. Frankly, I can’t wait for this one. Preparing for this race will push me through those early, dark, cold mornings!  If I can’t get into the Solstice then I will be just as happy with the North Fork 50 Mile Trail Race. North Fork is beautiful and challenging!

4. Wasatch Front 100 Mile Endurance Run

A historic and difficult race. There is a lottery for this race. Hope and pray I can make it in. Very challenging vertical and terrain. A big daddy of a race. My second option is the Run Rabbit Run: Steamboat 50. This is a very difficult race, yet very appealing. If I don’t do it as a backup this year it will probably be a 1st option in 2013. Will see!

2012 will be fun! These will make for some awesome family vacation and fun! Now, I need to use the next 4 months to hit it hard. I plan to do a little more cross training and get more elevation/mountain training. Anyone want to join?

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  1. Awesome schedule!! To answer your question… I do!!! 🙂

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