An inspiring women!!!

Needing a dose of inspiration? There is a story I think you should hear about a lady doing amazing things! She is a mom, running machine, student, and always offering service in the community!

First, this lady has 3 little kiddos ( 3yrs, 2 yrs, 8 months). She is always focused on meeting her children’s needs! It is obvious that her focus is helping them learn and grow.

Second, she is a runner. It all started a couple years ago when she began to eat healthy and exercise. During the past 2 years she has lost over 100 pounds. Yeah, that is no typo… she really did lose that weight with no magic pill while giving birth to her last two children. WOW!!!! She started by going on walks and getting on the elliptical. A few months ago she tried running a mile or two and quickly progressed into running 3-4 miles per day! She then announced that she would run a half marathon. Quickly, her mileage increased and she was running long runs each week.  While still attending to her many responsibilities she successfully prepared for her first half. Last weekend she ran the half marathon and met her goal of 2hr 30 min. She didn’t even walk one time. Her kiddos were out cheering her along at miles 6, 8, 10, and finish line. Then a few days ago she stated that she wanted to run an 11k on 11/11/11. So, she did that just for kicks and giggles! Now, she is looking forward to future races!!!! Pretty awesome.

Next… she is always active in her church and community. The second that she hears of someone having a rough time she is quick to offer service, which usually includes some homemade bread!!! Yummmy!  When she got married (5 years ago) her husband was accepted to graduate school in a different state and she was in her senior year of college. Unfortunately, she decided to put her school on hold to support her husband and family. For the past couple of years she has been finishing her degree one class at a time. While her kids are napping she is studying!

This lady is a fantastic example of balance! She is very skilled at anything she does. Her children adore her! In fact, I personally adore her!!!! Her name is Shayna, she is my wife! I am always amazed at her ambition and care. Everyday is a marathon for her, but she does it with the biggest smile. When I grow up…. I want to be like her!

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  1. Awww! How sweet! We love and adore you too Shayna!
    Btw Drew- I enjoyed your previous post too, but didn’t have a chance to comment on it! It really is so important to find a balance in your focus in each individual training run and race! Well said! Love you!

  2. Great story…Great Lady!!! I love you Shayna! I might call you for inspiration. I want to be like you too ! : )

  3. That was really sweet. I remember when my mom went back to college and she did all of that. It was amazing. Our family worked together to support one another. At times it was very difficult but it was good to grow up with someone that was so persistent. Whenever I feel like throwing in the towel, I just go for a walk or clean and then come back at it.

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