2011 Total Miles

2011 was an exciting year! First, we had our 3rd little child… Lincoln!!! He is about as fun as they come! I was able to spend several runs with a fantastic running friend, Todd. I couldn’t pay enough for what he taught me! Ran some fun races and began prepping for some 100 milers in 2012. I changed my plans for 2012 a bit. I will still be doing the Trudge in Feb and Buffalo 100 in March. I will probably be doing Quad Rock 50 in May (so no Solstice this year). I am not doing the Wasatch, I found the Steamboat 100 to be appealing and close to home!!!

So, last year’s total mileage was 3,080. I feel it was a solid effort! Nearly double the total of 2010! Let’s see what 2012 has to say!

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