Cutting Edge Gear

Wearing comfortable clothing is a huge part of enjoying exercise and competing well in running. Well, assuming you do prefer clothes while running! For the recent 100 miler I ran, myself and my crew wore gear from Redline Running Company. I was wearing the short sleeve tech shirt during the day and the long sleeve tech shirt at night. I also was wearing the incredibly comfortable running cap at night. I was super impressed w/ the fit, dryness, comfort, and extras of all these!

The short sleeve tech fit really nice. Sweat seemed to hold well in the shirt. I did not feel wet, even after wearing it from noon to 11pm. Not only was it comfortable but it looked slick!

The long sleeve tech is my favorite long sleeve running shirt by far. In the event you forget gloves, or don’t think it is cold enough for gloves but still cold, the sleeves extend and have thumb holes. This allows you to cover your hands and keep warm! It seems that far too often while I am running with long sleeves my forearms get sweaty and uncomfortably cold. The best feature with this Redline long sleeve tech is that it holds the sweat well and my forearms stayed nice and cozy!!! The shirts also have little holes in them so you can string your i-pod chords thru, innovative!

I love the running cap. It fit super nice on my head and also absorbed sweat very well. The cap has a hole in the back for the ladies (and maybe men) and their hair, my wife loves it! I particularly enjoyed the holes in the cap that are meant to hold your sunglasses. So often I start a run in the dark and finish with sun in my eyes. This is my first cap that has been convenient in letting me wear my headlamp and still hold my glasses on my head for later. This is a reversible hat. We have black/yellow caps and white/red.

Before I finish this rant about the awesomeness of Redline I think it is important to let you know about their services, no matter where you live!!! Redline has a group of running coaches that are experienced, energizing, and motivating! Not only do they offer running clubs, but they do online training for people living afar. Being a father of young kiddos, I appreciate that Redline has a kids running program at different times during the year, that’s awesome! They also have a boot camp that is holistic in it’s approach. They integrate nutrition with exercise to help you move towards sustainable healthy living. Their best part might even be the many races they host each year!!!

This is some great stuff… check it out! 

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