Sick of Being Sore? I found quick recovery!

Recovery from my recent 100 mile run was a great learning experience. I would venture to say that the greatest jewel of knowledge I stumbled upon was a natural relief product. A colleague of mine noticed my wobbling limp and suggested that I invest in a tube of Arnicare Arnica Gel. Sure, the pain in my feet and quads was enough that spending only a few dollars was worth the risk! The local Vitamin Cottage is only a couple miles from work so I took a slow job over during lunch and purchased a tube. Slapped on the gel all over my sore spots and felt the difference by the time I was eating dinner. No lie, I could not believe it! Over the past couple weeks I have applied it to my recovering muscles and joints. The best part was that I had not expected to be up and training so quickly after running 100. However, I took one week off and the next week I was up to 50 mile and have increased mileage since.

Just two days ago I was on an early morning trail run and I took a pretty hard fall landing directly on my hip. The bruising was nice and  ugly. Immediately after the run I slapped on my Arnica Gel and thought this would be a good test on reducing bruising and stiffness. I told my wife I had taken a good fall and was all bruised up. When I arrived home that night my wife wanted to see the damage. I went to show her the horrible bruise and it was hardly anything to show for!!! My man points went down because I had talked up this fall but I had not much to show for it as my bruising had quickly subsided. The stiffness had also disappeared and I was back running the next day and getting ready for a nice 20 mile trot tomorrow.

As an endurance athlete, father, husband, and therapist I need quick recovery so I can  be on my A game at all times and I am super stoked to have found this product that helps heal my soreness! You can grab it for cheap at many stores. Visit their website for more info:

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