Weed vs. Running…. which is the true natural high?

Good and MEANINGFUL research can be difficult to find. When I find some actual good stuff I think it should be shared!

The link below is a fantastic summary of an article that is spot on. Researchers spent a lot of time looking at the effects running has on the brain. This article argues that endocannabinoids are released when we are running. Not only is this applicable to human beings but also to other creatures who were built to run for survival.

 We know  that endocannabinoids are essentially the same thing activated by the active ingredient (THC;  delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) found in marijuana. Wow, can it be that we can stop convincing ourselves that happiness is found by smoking, or eating, a damaging drug? Instead, we can pull ourself out of a funk and even work on overcoming depression by getting on our feet and keep moving. This does not mean we all have to like the sport of running; rather, doing anything that involves constant movement will produce the TRUE natural high that is very healthy. Visit the link below and take a second to think!!!



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