Boulder Skyline Traverse- 4 Hours and 4 Summits

Boulder Skyline Traverse, 4 out 5 summits = climbing, focus, gorgeous, slow, speed, sweat, climbing, increased heart rate, technical, climbing, descent, and invigorating!
This training run is worth a post and merits another early morning in the mountains! Here is what I learned, felt, and saw!
 Dale and I took off south from Chatauqua. We went 4ish miles on Mesa Trail. Started in the dark and maintained a healthy trot. Mesa is relatively easy as it rolls with a steady elevation gain. Pleasantly surprised that there was minimal tripping and no falls with the lack of light (thought it would be fun to not take head lamp;). I have been on majority of trails there in Boulder but never up Shadow Canyon. I had heard of this Shadow Canyon from others and Dale informed me we will have some fun going straight up. Mesa Trail led us right to Shadow Canyon Trail… wow! I am not sure how we even knew we were on trail most of the time. Essentially, the trail is big bolders going straight up the mountain. I consider myself to be in decent shape but I could hear my heart beating in my head towards the top. It was a blast!
 After 30ish minutes going up Shadow we got to South Boulder Peak. Summit 1 of the morning. Was worth the work! I have not had verdigo in nearly a year.. for some reason got a little dizzy. Coming down from the summit and heading over to Bear Mtn Summit I was still a bit dizzy and the trail became technical. The last few hundred yards heading up to Bear Mtn Summit was rocky but gorgeous. Summit 2 of the morning was Bear Mtn. From there we could look across to the next task, which was descend for awhile and climb up to Green Mtn Summit.
 I enjoy when I can see where I am running to. Often times in trail running you don’t have the opportunity to see the goal… the Traverse is unique. When you get on top the motivation to keep going multiplies. Seeing the adventure that is ahead is inspiring.
 Trip over to Green Mountain was pleasant. Got up on top of Green Mtn (summit 3) and met Dale’s friend Bob. It is a good day when your work day has not started and have ran for a few hours and get to meet some good people on top of a mountain! Seriously! Bob ran down Greenman trail with us and Dale and I headed over to summit 4 of the day, Flaggstaff Mtn.
 Run over the Flagstaff was nothing in comparison to Shadow. However, legs were feeling the consequence of Shadow from earlier. Flaggstaff came quickly. Coming down Flagstaff I nearly said to Dale that I was impressed that there were no falls during the run. I bit my tongue and waited for that comment!
 4 hours and 4 summits later we had enough for the morning and it was on to work! This was truly a fantastic adventure. I look forward to making time to adding Mt Sanitas to complete the full Traverse. This is the training I need for Steamboat, which is coming quickly!
Happy Running!

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  1. AWWWWESSSOOMMMEE!!! So glad you shared this! Gosh, what a blessing Drew – to be able use your body in such a way to see and discover such beautiful and really, majestic places – the mountains in your own backyard! And a blessing in and of itself- to be able to run! Though tired and maybe a lil sore, you must’ve had an awesome day after that one! Cool! Love ya!

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