We Really Are Awesome!

A thought about how awesome we, human beings, really are! Working everyday with people in a very personal setting offers so much insight to the human potential. I am touched and amazed at how strong people are. Our perspective of each other is often distorted because of media, rumors, envy, pride, etc. However, watching how incredible people are is amazing. I see people at their worst, yet I am thrilled when they see the awesomeness that I see in them. Our worth is not dependent on our current situation or status. Rather, each one of has divine potential and worth. Let us turn our attention away from our shortcomings and more toward little accomplishments we make on a daily basis. Notice the little things you do that make you awesome and be thankful for them… hiding your talents and denying your abilities is problematic and self-defeating. Show yourself, show others, and show the world how awesome you really are! Human kind is not, and should not, be defined by negative people doing ridiculous things, and it will not be so if we point out the good in others. If you get beat take it like a champ and congratulate others. Look for the good in others and you will inevitably experience more positive emotion and success in your endeavors… sounds weird I know but try me on it!

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