July 30-Aug 4 Training for Steamboat 100

TRAINING July 30-August 4. 71 miles.

Waking up in the morning well before most are awake and even before some go to sleep in order to lace up the shoes and hit the dirt is a wonderful feeling. However, with my responsibilities as husband, father, professional, church assignments, and so on getting up can be taxing on my energy. A couple mornings this past week were hard… sleeping in sounded great. I can honestly write it down that watching the sunriseImage

on the runs and getting back in time to wake the family was far better than sleeping in! What I continue to learn is the quicker I can get in a well lit room in the morning and get out the door the easier it is to complete my training plans. Sure, I am not really awake for the first 30 minutes but the rest is enjoyable! Push on!

 A solid week. I have to say I am super pumped as I have been sporting my new Skechers Go Run minimalist shoes. I have found they force me to exclude any heal strike from my running, yet they give me great cushion. I still cannot believe these shoes sale for only $80… wow!!!

 This week started strong with some two day sessions… 1 hr in the morning and 1 hour during lunch break. Kiddos got pretty sick Wednesday and Thursday so I had to time some runs around home and avoid getting to the mountains. Friday morning was a very nice run with a new running friend. I managed to get in a solid 20 miles in 3 hours and 30 min on mountain trail.

 It is amazing how awesome people are. I had never met my new running friend before Friday’s run. However, after just a couple minutes of running together we gained respect for each other’s abilities. I was inspired by his kind personality and overall wisdom. Hopefully he will join our pacing team for Steamboat.

 Steamboat is less than 7 weeks away. I think we are getting the logistics worked out. Next week I will give the lineup of my pacers and some of my thoughts on finish time goals.

For now I am focused on getting out each day and getting as much elevation gain in each run as possible. Every step matters.



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