Night Running Week (Aug 6-12) 63 miles run, 24 miles bike

Less than 5 week to Steamboat 100!!!

10pm Thursday night. Took off out the door after getting the famly to sleep. I met Dale on the path ready for a 26 mile run. You may ask… why start a marathon at 10pm? Good question. No answer 🙂 Well, actually the idea was to work on running during those hours. I am strong night running from 2am on through the morning, however, I am not a good night person from 10pm -2am, which negatively impacted my last 100 miler… not this time!!! First 13 miles were good but right around midnight I started to get sleepy. My eyes starting rolling around a bit and my gait became sloppy. I am not a caffeine person but on long runs and races I might enjoy (actually I hate the taste) a 5- hour energy. That helped me push forward and get past my sleepiness! About mile 21 I felt pretty strong all the way home. It took me those first 21 miles to start feeling good, which is odd but offers me good information. I will rely on simply grinding through for a few hours during early night at Steamboat. I remember mentioning to Dale at about mile 22 that I did not even feel like I was running… I was in good stride!

This week will be a fantastic week! Some simple running, hit a couple trails and get about 35ish miles before pacing Todd at Leadville 100 this coming Saturday. I will be pacing for about 27 miles.

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