Steamboat is around the corner -August 13-19 53 miles run,15 miles cycle

Trying my hardest to hold back my excitement and stay focused is challenging! Pacing Todd this past weekend at Leadville 100 threw some fuel on my fire. Todd has been a great friend and mentor, and I was able to continue learning from the experience of pacing him. Steady, steady, steady! 

I pulled back on my miles last week so I could be fresh for pacing. Thus, I was pretty excited for Saturday afternoon to come and get running! The next two weeks I will be back up higher on mileage. This week will include a run with my pacers, which will be very productive to meet on the run! 

Just less than a month left until Steamboat! The next month is important to stay focused on life and not get over concentrated on Steamboat. Excitement is good, however, putting too much thought into the race could be overwhelming and lead to neglect of what really matters in life (ie. family, church, work). 

Pass the opportunity to sign up for the Giveaway to all your friends and family!!! Thanks for your support! 

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