Getting Past the Bad Run

Avoidance = Failure

Bad runs come and go, but they always come with some degree of suckiness! Wednesday started off as a beautiful run with a group going up Bear Canyon to the Summit of Green Mtn and back down. We kept a great pace and got back down to the foothill in 2hr 10 min, which left me with 1hr 50min to do on my own to finish the morning. All of a sudden these painful negative thoughts just blasted through my mind.. one after another. These thoughts sucked the energy right out of me and slowed me down to a crawl. I used every mental skill I knew to make it through the run. Several times I wanted to just quit and hitch a ride back down to my car. Persistence and endurance was the key. I pushed on but still felt like garabage the remainder of morning while at work. Some people prefer to pull back for a week and say maybe they just need a break and have overtrained. I, on the other hand, did not feel it to be a physical matter. I could have been wrong, but I think I was somewhat correct. The solution for me was to get back out running asap. So, I emailed a friend and said we needed to get a long trail run in this Saturday morning nice and early. I then went on a run Thursday that I mixed up and had fun. I did a point to point run and wanted to find the quickest route, which caused me to run through alot of country fields and jumping over creeks. By the end of that fun run I was singing outloud and having thoughts of finishing Steamboat. I could have failed miserably but this felt right at the end of the days. For me… avoidance would have led to more time to think and get sucked into more negative thinking and failure!

Make it a great one!

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