Beat the Winter Fall Back

Beat the Winter Fall Back!
Just because the clocks go back this time of year does not mean you have to fall back, as well! Wintertime can bring great memories and tender moments. However, sometimes winter brings some extra pounds and depressive emotions! Less light, more food, fun holiday traditions, and waiting for New Year’s resolutions are small roadblocks that lead to big problems this time of year.
I say this is a perfect time of year to start your goals and move forward. Personally, I started a weight loss transformation inNovember2009 that led to a sustained weight loss of over 150lbs.No matter the small barriers that might come at this time of year, there is no better time than now to take control!
Whether you are wanting to overcome depression/seasonal affect, weight problems, stress, family issues, or any other stressor this winter, the following tips will help lead you to a transforming and memorable winter:
1.Get Outside! Get out in the morning, or at least sit in sunlight. Studies show those exposed to daily sunlight experienced more enjoyable mood, and the sunshine reduces severity of seasonal affective symptoms.
2. Serve Someone.It is easy to buy something for someone, but nothing is better than time you can offer to a friend, stranger, or family member. Get your hands dirty!
3. Routine.Wake up near the same time everyday (weekends included). Make exercise a priority.
4. Good Nutrition.Heavy food is not necessity to keep you warm in the winter! Stick to your normal foods. Instead of tons of carbs, try a warm soup! Drink a lot of water, even though you might not be thirsty.
5. Gratitude.Note 2-3 things each day that were good and WHY they happened to you.

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  1. I loved this Drew! I feel I can do #s 1,3 and 4 alright and even #s2 and 5, however we all have things we ca work on right?!? So I have chosen #s 2 and 5 to work on more as I continue to work on the others. I do know the joy that cmes from really serving someone and what I mean by really serving someone is giving them of your time. Time is something we all are short of! So when someone gives m of their time, I’m more grateful for that than any gift given , so I want to do the same! And for # 5…a great way to keep positive thoughts going as well as a perfect way to start a journal or keep one going! Thanks for this Drew!
    You are awesome! I love you and of course your fam!!

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