3 Years Later

The thought of waking up at 2am three years ago to go on a trail run was in no way even a thought of a thought. That is just the beginning!!! I have learned that we, as humans, are meant to move. No, I am not just referring to physical movement… I am referring to life in general is not meant for stagnation. Let me be clear, I am not saying that moments sitting still in silent reflection are bad. So, what do these random comments have to do with the past 3 years of my life.

I was comfortable with mediocrity and that is scary. Not saying that I have to better than other people, because I am not. What I am thinking is that pushing myself to grow spiritually, professionally, as a father/husband, and athletically are key. In my own transformation and working with others, I have learned that each domain in my life is important. My whole purpose is to build a strong home that is a refuge for my wife and children. Thus, everything else I do should support that effort. So, how does focusing on losing 150lbs and running 100 miles have anything to do with my main purpose?

My transformation over the last 3 years has pushed me to gain a small glimpse into the human potential, which has given me an even smaller glimpse into our eternal potential. Pushing myself to run 100 miles, or I mean 113 :), has taught me much about our ability to endure. Yes, it is always easy to find a different way out of hard things, but I think it is imperative that being comfortable in uncomfortable situations! In fact, finding too much comfort is dangerous. I would even venture to say when one is very comfortable in life then future potential is minimized. Comfortableness is not equivalent to joy. Movement forward is key! Just as I find while running a 100 mile race, I cannot sit for too long and do nothing. When I sit in an endurance race there must be a purpose (i.e. refuel, restructure race plan, enjoy a moment in mountains, breathe). Life is the same, when I sit down there must be a purpose. However, if I sit too long in a race the lactic acid and motivation become a problem. If I sit too much in life the comfort creeps into to me just like the lactic acid and creates a sense of complacency that can be a huge impediment to progression.

I was happy three years ago but I am even happier today. I feel that when I couple my personal prayer/scripture study with a nice run to follow I am able to truly reflect on very personal thought! I do not need music… my thoughts entertain me enough. Before my transformation I did not give myself proper time to be with my own thoughts. It is so easy to avoid personal thought, but this only leads to superficial thought and emotion. Furthermore, the people I have met through trail running are amazing. Some are of my same religion and some don’t believe in a God. That being said… each running friend has been a great friend and made me a better person no matter religious beliefs!!!

Learning to listen to my body has been amazing. I have not weighed in since my last doctor check up. By the way, my doc said I do not need to come back for another 4-5 years for a wellness check 🙂 Anyway, I eat as I feel I need fuel. I enjoy my fuel but my fuel does not determine my emotion and make up for negative emotion.

What it all comes down to is I feel like I have learned more about the many blessings that have been given and are still to come. I believe I was given a body to progress and help others progress. My relationship with my wife and children has only become stronger… not because I lost weight, but because I have learned in a new way that I can take control of what I am doing and where I am going. My focus has increased and my ability to have sustained energy has nearly doubled. Not much seems overwhelmingly scary because I know that if adequate effort put forth then much can be accomplished. It is foolish to say that I do not consider the negative, however, I am much more focused on why, and how, something can work. I am much more focused on proving things right, instead of proving things wrong… and that is an empowering paradigm! I am not obsessed with striving to have a nice body, rather I am interested in what will help me be healthy husband, father, provider, friend, and servant! Healthy to me is very dynamic…. emotions, body, mind, spirituality are not separate! Each component needs proper attention.

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  1. Awesome!!! And Drew, what a perfect anniversary for you…every year at Thanksgiving, you’ll have the anniversary to celebrate and to share with everyone. Your transformation. A huge blessing. Monumental really. So to be thankful for your happiness because of this trasformation , in more ways than one, is absolutely what makes this time of year special for you. Awesome!!! I agree with you 100% – to be healthy is very dynamic. Each component of our happiness does need proper care and attention. And I am thankful I am running again because that is when I pour my heart out to our loving and merciful

    1. I didn’t get to finish! Ahhh! I was saying that on my runs I get to pour my heart out to our Heavenly Father while I am running! Its a very sacred time for me when I run on my own. Truly a blessing to be able to run. Love you Drew!!

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