A Plea to be a More Child-Centered Society

Since I was a young child, I have been around babies and toddlers. I have 22 nephews and nieces. As an uncle, father, and professional I see the difficult task it is to be a parent. At the same time I have seen that the most important things I do are within the walls of my own home. I 100% believe that the future success of our communities does not depend so much on public policy; rather, success depends on the strength of our families. We must take a stand to support people trying to parent. Making fun of “annoying” kids and being bothered by a crying baby has become all to popular.

I saw this commercial and noticed that I was laughing. Suddenly, I realized it was not so funny. Though I do not believe the direct intention of the producers were to devalue children, it is absolutely promoting the idea that children are only getting in our way.

So, what can we do? It does not make any sense to start some crazy revolution and try to ban these types of media messages. Instead, we can turn these messages off in our home. Even more importantly we can watch how we are supporting other parents and children. Let us be kind to the little ones for they are sacred creations. When you offend a little one you are offending something much bigger.
It is my plea that we will work to put children at the center of what we do in our society.

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