An Investment in OUR Future!

Our youth are amazing! I work daily with young people and am convinced that they are far beyond us. Mistakenly, young people are labeled as irresponsible, immature, and so on… I think this is false! Our youth are quick witted, wise, intelligent, and powerful. Many simply want to be heard, many are lost in the shadows of over-scheduled parents, and many are curious about life. They NEED OUR FOCUS! I have been disgusted by such passionate opinion sharing on the fiscal cliff, fracking, border control, animal rites, global warming,etc…

I am convinced that if we started questioning our decisions, specifically how our decisions affect the current and future well being of our children we would be in an overall much better spot!  So, this is my 2013 resolution.

I will start with my personal, professional, and other private decisions. I will strive to always ask myself and others involved how will each decision influence our children. When I say OUR children I mean any young person! I am excited to see how this changes my views. I am a dreamer, I know that. But, I am not afraid to stand for something in which I believe. I hope others will just start to question a bit more and eventually this will be discussed more often. This will strengthen parents relationships, which is the backbone of our society. The young people need our time. I believe it is inappropriate and selfish to talk about how “unfair” things are, however, when it comes to children it is unfair when we don’t consider them in all our decision making. Here is to 2013!

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