Here It Is… Race Plans 2013

Ahhhhh…. yes, the time is here! 2013 race season is here! Endurance training through the winter can be long and lonely at times, truth be told. Running a long run for 4-5 hours and it still being dark at the end of the run can be draining and negatively influential on my circadian rhythm. Thus, lunch times runs have been super helpful over the past few cold months. Living in Colorado offers many shorts and tee runs at high noon, which is equivalent to an antidepressant. 
 Here it goes… a new season. Different races, different goals, and a sponsor! First, I am extremely grateful for the full support of my wife and kiddos, no other support could substitute for what they do for me PERIOD!! 
 I was approached by a friend (Jon) last year. He represents Skechers Performance. He informed me I needed to try running in Skechers, he even offered a free pair. I was hesitant, but he mentioned they cannot be too bad if Meb (who took 4th in the Marathon at the Olympics) runs in them. Left me thinking. I informed him that if I got injured then no way would I continue. I humbly report just the opposite occurred. I noticed my gait take better shape. I noticed a more smooth stride. I gave them a shot at the Steamboat 100 and they were stellar (maybe not me.. but the shoe was)! He offered me an opportunity to be on the 2013 Skechers Performance Team and be an Ambassador. Appealing… I am very grateful to be apart of the Skechers and to represent their cutting edge equipment!!! 
 The schedule… ah yes, fun stuff! I never want to make my race season chuck full of races and leaving my family thinking that the only vacations we take are to watch Dad/Husband run forever. So, you will notice some spacing in my races. I have chosen four “A” races, with one preparing me for the next and a big one to finish the season. I am sure some smaller races (speaking) will be thrown in there. 
April 20- 100K C.U.R.E. Chatfield State Park, Colorado. This is a very flat 62 miles ran on some decent trail. I will be shooting for an ambitious time on this one, hmmmm 10ish hours. We shall see! 
May 11- 50 miler Quad Rock 50. Fort Collins, Colorado. Nick Clark has organized a phenomenal race through the mountains west of Fort Collins. Just as the name implies… there is some good elevation change on this one. Will humbly accept a decent finish. 
June 14-15- 100 miler. Big Horn 100. Wyoming. A classic true distance trail race. This is a rugged single trail race that will challenge me and keep me honest. I am very excited for this beast. 
September 28-29- 100 miler. Bear 100. A point to point classic going up and down from Logan, Utah to Bear Lake, Idaho. 100 miles is 100 miles.. but this is is tough. This is another classic Rocky Mountain trail race. 
 Both the Big Horn and Bear are qualifiers for Hardrock 100. I entered the Hardrock 100 lottery this year and no luck at all. So, hopefully in the next few years I will get the chance to dance with the big one. It is important to take each race as it is my only race of the year and enjoy it. I truly enjoy the races… even when I look completely toasted… there is some kind of enjoyment there, I promise 🙂 The day I don’t enjoy racing is the day I stop. I hope that is not time soon as I have several years before I hit my prime!! 
 Happy running everyone! Please, look for our giveaways this year… we will be putting together some good stuff… if you know what I mean ( I don’t even know what I mean so good luck)! 🙂 

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