Becoming Highly Productive Requires Planning

Just because someone is busy does not mean they are productive. In fact, people are who highly productive are actually less likely to be overworked and overwhelmed.

It is easy to feel that life is on top of us and we are not on top of life, which leads to feelings of being out of control and unproductive. Often times, the clock is what makes us feel that we are always behind. Stop allowing the clock to govern your life! If you are not using some type of daily planning system then start now. Some people like writing in a day planner and some like to use phones, computers, tablets, etc. Either way, the focus of daily planning is to empower you to become more productive and in control of that which you can control. Yes, you can control some events in life!

 What is important to include in your daily planning?

  1. Put the important items down first and let everything else follow. If exercise is something you believe to be important in your life then do not plan everything else in your day and see where exercise can fit in. If time with your family is important then put it down first. Do not just wait for the most important things to happen.
  2. Make a list of things you would like to accomplish each day. Keep this list nearby so that when you are tempted to blow off some time playing Angry Birds. If you did not accomplish it today reassess it for tomorrow. Notice all you have accomplished at the end of the day. Do not be afraid to give yourself some credit for the work you have done!
  3. Plan for unstructured time. Not every moment of everyday has to be all business. Plan time on there that will allow you to relax. It is perfectly acceptable to write on your planner that you are going to relax for some time in the evening. This is quite liberating!                Today is a good time to decide to stop letting days just happen and hope for the best. Now is the perfect time to be more productive. Distractions are more abundant and enticing these days. Allow yourself time to be distracted but also plan time to be more productive. The more you plan your time the less you will fear time and dislike the clock.

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