Meal Makeover

Leprechaun Potatoes

My wife is from Idaho and often refers to herself as a “spud”. She loves potatoes! She has even worked up a whole restaurant idea based on the potato. She is offended every time that someone dogs on the potato as a bad food. Potatoes have very little fat and a good about of good carbs (not from sugars). Besides that it has some potassium, vitamin B-6, and fiber. Our family’s favorite way to eat these beauties is in the mashed category. The problem with traditional mashed potatoes is that they are ladled with butter and cream and salt, and then people put gravy on it (more fat and salt and cream). Now that we eat healthier, we needed to make better mashed potatoes. We now use fat-free plain Greek yogurt instead of cream and butter (with a splash of skim milk if it’s too think). We also had a problem getting our kids to eat spinach so we have started incorporating spinach ground from our food processor and calling it “Leprechaun Potatoes”. These are the healthiest, yummiest mashed potatoes you will eat!


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