Saturday Special

Gray’s Peak attempt: Saturday 8/17/13

We attempted to hike Gray’s peak Saturday with some friends. Gray’s Peak is one of Colorado’s famous 14ers, which means that the summit is over 14,000 feet. We took our three children (ages 5, 4, and 2) and our friends took their 5 children (ages 9, 7, 5, 3, and 1) Needless to say we got a few looks as we were climbing. The kids did fabulous! There was very little complaining and lots of laughter. The directions on the website were fabulous and easy to follow. Once you leave the interstate, get ready for a wild ride. There were potholes the size of small swimming pools and at one point our 2 year old said, “we not supposed to drive in the trees”. Our friends were in a low clearance, 2 wheel drive van and although they made it (on a wing and a prayer), I would recommend an off-road type vehicle for the 3 mile ascent.

The hike is usually 7.5 miles round trip, but we had to park almost a mile away from the Trail-head (Saturday was a very very busy hiking day). We made it about a mile from the summit (I’m guessing around 13,000 feet) when the kids were ready to head back. Since our goal was to enjoy the great outdoors, and not kill our kids love of hiking, we turned around! The trail was in great shape and we had a blast. The air was thin, but the day was beautiful. From California to the New York Island, From the Redwood forest to the Gulf Stream Waters (and including the Rocky Mountains) this land really was made for you and me :).

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