Crazy or Tough? – Saturday Special


Two stories, two answers. This past week I was revving up my training for the Bear 100 Endurance Run, which takes place the last week of September. Hence the name, the race is no cake walk. It has an elevation profile of 44,000 feet, that is about 22,000 feet of climbing and close to the same descending. So, I am in the middle of getting in some good training. This week consisted of some 7-8 mile runs each day Monday – Wednesday… with some speed training thrown in there. Then Thursday and Friday I set out for 3 hour runs, one on pavement and one on the trails with a lot of climbing. I finished the week off with a push Saturday morning. 

Saturday morning I decided to run the Erie Half Marathon. I didn’t think the half alone would be sufficient to get in the time I needed on my feet. So, I decided to wake up a bit early and run my own half before running the official half. The first half was nice and easy (1hr 45min) followed by the real half at 1hr 41min. Neither of them were too speedy but after about 80 miles on the week I’ll take it 🙂 

Some people think this type of training is dangerous or absurd. I would say it is a bit crazy. But if you think about it, the moments we learn a lot from in life are typically the crazy times! It will pay off with a strong running at the Bear! 


The next story is about actual toughness! Jamis is a 10 yr old from Erie, Colorado. As you can see in this pic, he is all about being a kid. This kiddo is incredible. Such a pleasant little guy. His Mom ran beside him during the half Marathon, which he finished in an astounding 2 hours flat. Wow!! There are a few things I love about this…

First, his parents did not “make” him do this. He wanted to do it and they supported him. How awesome is it that his Mom ran along side the entire way versus just watching him from the sidelines. What an example! Not every kid needs to run a half marathon but every kid does need/deserve parents who are willing to do hard things with them! 

After the race Jamis looked fantastic. He was cheerfully eating a burger and said, “this is my favorite!” He was only swallowing down a burger in time for his soccer game later that morning! 

It’s NEVER good when parents over-schedule and/or live their lives through their children. I just hope that this example of Jamis and his parents can be viewed as very different, which is to say kids can do hard things. They just need to have parents willing to go alongside with them! 

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