Stop Shoulding Yourself – Tuesday Tip


You really should read this! You should also be perfect in everything you do today and you should fit in everything that you think you should be doing. When you are done with all of this you should not worry about anything.

The reality is we “should ourselves” way too often. I invite you to notice how often you use the word should throughout the day. Should carries a lot of pressure, guilt, and anxiety/depression. In fact, it does not help you with reaching your lifestyle goals. It only leads to problems!

Shoulds are a major problem when it comes to lifestyle and fitness. I used to fall into the trap of saying, “I should probably start eating better, so I’ll do it tomorrow.” Well, that didn’t really help! It came down to the moment of me saying, “Okay I want to eat better so I am going to start now.”

If you simply pay attention to the times you say should at home, work, or in your personal life and work to replace it with a plan or a time later on down the road to re-visit the idea you will feel less guilt, more motivation, and excitement to continue forward!

Keep going!

Dr. Drew Brazier

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