When my “should” changed

Guest Post: This is Shayna

I remember when my “I should run” turned into a “I will run”. It was early summer 2011. I wanted to see if I could run around the block without stopping (I know, lofty goal!). I strapped on my shoes and went outside. I ran once around the block and stopped. My heart was pounding and I couldn’t breathe well but I kept thinking “I did it, I really did it!”. I wanted to wait until I could run a whole mile before I told Drew so I went outside everyday and ran around the block, plus a little. I figured my block was about a 1/4 mile so when I finally reached 4 times around I broke the news. Drew was very supportive and said, “wow, where did you go?”. I informed him that I went around the block 4 times without stopping and he said that our block was actually a 1/3 a mile around. I COULD RUN A MILE AND SOME!!!! Euphoria is the only way to explain it. I have since improved my running, but it still feels good to look back on my old “shoulds” and know that they are “wills!”

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  1. Awesome Shayna! Very motivational! 🙂 love you guys!

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