You CAN Reach Your Weight Goals Without Dieting….


I cringe when I hear statements such as, ” I am cheating on my diet” or “I need to cut more calories.” I worry that our society has led us to believe that fast results are the best. When it comes to a healthy lifestyle slow and steady is a key concept.

Research is sometimes flawed , however, it seems that the research stating that over 80% of dieters gain the weight back and then some is convincing. I have studied tons of diets and there are a lot of good ideas out there. This being said, I like to take a completely different approach. It is pretty complicated… it’s called, “A Healthy Lifestyle.”

Dieting is about what you do and lifestyle is more about who you are. I know that sounds weird but over the course of this week I want to give you some tips to start making a healthy lifestyle a part of who you are!

Today, I invite you to stop focusing on everything you cannot consume in order to be healthy. Instead, shift your attention to all of the healthy things you have not allowed into your daily life. Specifically, I want you to focus on fruit. This is sooooo easy… simply add a different fruit to at least 2 of your meals each day, preferably the your breakfast and lunch meals. The sugar in fruit is not bad for you but is best for you if consumed early in the day (i.e. before 6pm). That being said I would never discourage someone from not eating fruit at 8pm if they are faced between fruit and cookies 🙂 Give this a shot… tell me how it goes!! Give a couple weeks before you decide if you like it or not!!

Happy Eating!

-Dr. Drew Brazier

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