Mind/Body Connection


Philosophy is sometimes head spinning and confusing; so, I’ll try to keep this fact simple and not too philosophical! The truth is that there is no physical health without mental health. Just think about it… 

If you are dedicating yourself to live a more healthy lifestyle please do not neglect your mental health. What does that mean? Let me give you one quick fact…
I have seen many of times people who are eating well, exercising hard, adequately sleeping, and not able to lose weight. But wait! Isn’t the truth that if you burn more calories than you consume you will lose weight? Not necessarily! A problem that many people can run into is that they are doing a lot of things very well to maintain a healthy lifestyle but they are overly stressed. When you are experiencing significant stress, your metabolism cannot function at an optimal level. Therefore, take this fact to heart… your body will use fuel you put in effectively if you work through your stressors effectively! 
Que seas traquilo!
Dr. Drew Brazier

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