Monday Makeover–Easy does it!


Sometimes, more is less. This is a very simple carrot soup, but it is soooooo good. I often try to find ways to add more veggies into our meals, and with this one it’s not hard. I don’t often use recipes, so feel free to look up a recipe. The problem that I found with most recipes online was that they tried to dumb down the carrot with potatoes or cream or butter and we find that we like the intense carrot flavor. To make this soup, I filled a slow-cooker with baby carrots and then added enough chicken stock/water to barely cover them. I let them cook for most of the late morning into the evening. When we were close to eating, I blended that mixture in the food processor. Then I added a little skim milk to thin it out, about 1/2 cup of honey to sweeten it up, and about 1 tablespoon of powdered ginger because I like the carrot/ginger combo. Voila! It is so simple, yet so satisfying. My kids love it and it doesn’t break the bank. What simple, healthy soups do you enjoy?

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