Amount vs. Quality of Sleep. Sleep Tip #1

Let’s end this debate now…. the answer is both quality and duration when it comes to sleep, though I am more focused on QUALITY! The truth is you can take stuff get you to keep your eyes closed for several hours every night. My questions is, how rejuvenated and energized are you feeling in the morning? Quality sleep leads to higher energy and better mood. Crazy enough, quality sleep even leads to good nutrition and weight loss.
My mission over the next 10 days is to give you one tip each day that will increase your quality of sleep. Now, if you think you sleep good already I still invite you to implement these ten tips to take your sleep to an optimal level!
Tip 1
Wake up within the same 30 minutes window each day. Try this for 4 consecutive weeks everyday, including the weekends. I know, I know… I am asking you to wake up early on the weekends. How lame! Well, imagine how much you can get done in that extra awake time. Besides you don’t need to sleep in on the weekends. Trust me and the science on this one 🙂
Why is it important  to wake up near the same time each day? You are conditioning your internal clock and offering your physiological body predictiability. Our bodies want to start producing chemicals, hormones, and activating our nervous system about 30 minutes before waking up, however, if our bodies don’t know when we are waking up then it cannot do its natural job! This makes you more fatigued!
It is more important to focus on waking up at the same time each morning than it is to set a rigid bedtime. If you wake up at a consistent time then you will want to go sleep earlier!
The benefits of early risers is huge…. higher productivity, less depression, better nutrition, more exercise, and more organization.
If you are reading this thinking , ” But, I am not a morning person.” I would say … give it a shot for 30 days then lets see…
Happy Sleeping!
Dr. Drew Brazier

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this at the last Tips and Tricks Tuesday! I popped over last week but didn’t get a chance to comment. I can’t wait to check out your other sleep tips! With two little ones, two and under, sleep is a big one for me! It is no problem getting up early because they give me now choice, but turning off and going to bed at a decent time when late night is my only alone time is tough!

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