Can’t Stop Your Thoughts?: Sleeping Tip #2


Alright, since I gave you a hard challenge yesterday, I am going to make today’s tip a bit easier. Nonetheless, it is still work! Ugh… I know. This whole getting better sleep thing takes work. The good news is it’s only work on the front end 🙂 

Racing thoughts are a very common problem people have. I see it leading to problems with falling asleep very often. I want to offer you a quick tip that I have found very helpful for MANY people! 

I like to call this technique, ” Free Association Writing.” I am no Freudian, however, I find great success in this type of free association. So, what is it? Simple… sit down as you begin your night routine and start writing. What are you writing? Literally, everything that comes to your mind. 

What good does this do? First, your mind will slow down the thoughts as your hand is working to keep up with the thoughts. Second, it gives your mind a chance to give proper attention to the many thoughts racing around in your head. 

When you are done you can either keep it or rip it up and throw it away, or if on a computer just delete it. Your writing does not have to make any sense. Just start and see where it goes. Don’t go back and analyze it. Leave it be and let your brain believe you have given attention to these thoughts! 

Happy Writing!

-Dr. Drew Brazier

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