Your Bed is Sacred: Sleeping Tip #3


Bedrooms are too connected to the world. They seem to be crowded with TV’s, phones, other electronics, and sometimes even resembling a concert. The next step in improving your quality of sleep is dedicating your room as a very different room. In fact, I would dare say it be a sacred place. Research suggests we only use our rooms for two things: 1. Sleep 2. Sex. I say there are three things…

I think it is important that we also use our bedrooms for reflection, meditation, prayer, or however you choose to spend this very special quiet time. The trick is be careful NOT to be in your bed for this personal reflection time. 

We are behavioral beings that do many things because our bodies tell us we are in certain environments, thus, we are triggered to feel, think, and do certain things. In this case, if we walk into our room and jump into bed our bodies will tell our minds to calm down. Our body will produce more melatonin and initiate sleep. We have to train our bodies that this is to happen by only allowing the following three things to happen in our bedrooms:

1. Sleep

2. Sex

3.  Personal reflection (meditation, prayer)

Obviously, it is okay to teach our kids to skip number 2 for now 🙂

Sleep Well!

Dr. Drew Brazier

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