25 Minutes: Sleeping Tip #4

Are you sick of rolling around in bed every night looking at the hours passing by? Man, that sounds like a really good start to some commercial that is getting ready to tell you about some good medications to help with that. Instead, I am going to tell you a very simple guideline…
Do NOT stay in bed for more than 25 minutes while awake.
You might remember that I mentioned sleep is behavioral and we have to train our bodies and minds that when in bed we are to sleep. So, do I really mean that anytime your are in bed for 25 minutes awake that you need to get out? YES!!! I mean business. 
Eventually, your body will go to sleep after doing this for a few times. What you do during that time out of bed is important. Do NOT get on the computer. Only bad things happen on the computer late at night… seriously. I suggest you stick to reading a rather slow book, do some more writing, meditate, sit on the porch and stargaze, and maybe even do some breathing exercises. 
Stay true to this guideline and it will bring you sleeping success!!! 
Sleep Well!
Dr Drew Brazier

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