Are You Cool Enough: Sleep Like a Bat… Sleeping Tip #6


Have your ever seen a bat sleeping? Me neither! But scientists say that they sleep for 16 hours and they sleep well! Why do they sleep well??? Researchers say they sleep so well because it is cool, dark, and quiet. Now, I do not want you sleeping 16 hours a day but I do want you to learn from how bats sleep. I want us to specifically focus on the cool part…

About 4-5 hours after sleeping your internal body temperature drops and you begin to get your best sleep of the night. So, you can jump start this better sleep by keeping your room a bit cooler at night. There is no agreed upon temperature, but in general you don’t want it to be warmer than 74 and cooler than 56. That’s what “they” say but I also must admit that I get incredible sleep while sleeping in the mountains when it is in the 30-40’s F. Find what temp works for you! 

Be careful about socks on your feet or too thick of covers. For me, I sleep best when I have something on my chest but I get too warm if I have covers all the way up to my chest. So, I usually sleep with a heavier pillow across my chest to address my sensory needs and stay cool! 

Experiment with this, stay cool, and sleep well!


Dr. Drew Brazier

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