Does Counting Really Help?: Sleeping Tip #8

You have probably heard, ” Just count the sheep” or ” Count the ceiling tiles.” Well, these ideas alone do not help, at least most of the time they are ineffective.
This being said, I have seen a more focused technique related to counting actually work. This can be super effective…
Start with 100 and count backwards. The problem here is people usually start thinking about other things and say, “ahhh counting does not help.” Well, here is the catch… when you start to think about something else just notice that you drifted and start back at 100. Every time your thoughts drift take them back to 100. This is not meant to be a judgmental technique. In other words, do not beat yourself up for drifting off several times as that is normal. Simply bring your attention back to counting down from 100.
This technique is very helpful in allowing your thoughts to drift away and allows your brain/body to relax.
Happy Counting!
Dr. Drew Brazier

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