Establish Your Night Routine: Sleeping Tip #9

So, hopefully you are 9 days into waking up every morning at the same time! If not, don’t worry Sunday morning will be a perfect day to start 🙂
Our bodies need some help when it comes to calming down enough to enter into restful sleep. As, I discussed earlier this week it is very helpful to take a few minutes and write down all of your thoughts. Don’t do this 10 minutes before bed but about 60-90 before bedtime. Allow your mind to process the worried thoughts. Trust me, if you don’t do it then and give the thoughts the proper attention you will be doing so the remainder of the night = No fun and horrible sleep!
Be disciplined in your routine. However, routine looks different for each individual. Some require humor and others require complete solitude. Keep this in mind as a I list some ideas you can try. The real trick is to not underestimate the night routine. If you are too busy for this than your life is out of control and you need to take back control… can I be more clear on that? 🙂
For me, I love a nice warm bath. The beauty of a nice bath is making it super hot so your body temp rises then drops. Remember, we need out body temp to drop during sleep, so this is a good way to get the body in motion. While in the bath I do a lot of breathing techniques and mindfulness. This is a good time for reflection.
You might also find it helpful to read something calm, watch something funny or calm, do relaxation exercises. Please, avoid talk about work, emotional/financial issues. I am not saying you need to ignore those topics all together, however,
it could really mess with your sleep if talked about before bed. When you discuss stressful subjects at night your body starts to release cortisol, which impedes restful sleep and might even lead to bad dreams. You could even wake up feeling stiff, sore, and fatigued.
Pay attention to your routine and find what works!!
Sleep Well!
Dr. Drew Brazier

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  1. This is so interesting! As I said on a previous post, my nighttime routine could really use some work. I have a kiddo who struggles to fall asleep before 9:30, and the time from when he goes to bed until around midnight is my only alone time of the day. It is the time I use to get caught up on work. Thanks for sharing this great info! It makes me think about altering my routine!

    1. Thanks for your comments! Try implementing these tips with your kiddo… that might be helpful for getting everyone to bed a bit earlier. Also, might be a good idea to awake earlier in the morning and get your work done then?? That is how I managed getting through graduate school with a wife and three children!

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