Should You Use Supplements? Sleeping Tip #10

I look back at these past 10 days of tips and you ought to be well on your way to restorative sleep!!! If you haven’t begin start slow and don’t beat yourself up… take it easy.
People really like to know about what natural sleep supplements they can use to fall asleep. Before I go any further, please note that the word is supplements. Supplement is  secondary. Thus, it is not meant to be your primary source for good sleep… okay now we can proceed.
I would suggest 4 main supplements…
*Please, consult with your medical doc before trying this, especially if you are currently taking any form of medication. If you are using any other drugs or alcohol do NOT use any of these.
1. Valerian. You can use Valerian safely for about 4-6 weeks. This will specifically help you to fall asleep. Start with a small dose and build up.
2. Kava. This is a root that can be effective but again should only be used in the short term. Long-term use of Kava has shown evidence of liver damage. This doesn’t taste so pleasant but is very helpful.
3. Melatonin. Another short term use. Please note that this does become less effective if used for 10 days consecutively. This is very effective because your body needs natural melatonin to fall asleep at night.
4. Chamomile Tea. This is an herbal tea. Of course, do not make it too hot!! This is actually the safest of any of the supplements, yet it provides great benefit. Studies do show that this is as effective as a benzodiazepine.. except the difference is you really get restorative sleep when not using a benzo.
Again, use these only as a supplement to everything you are doing!! 
Sleep Well!!
Dr. Drew Brazier 

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