Building and Sustaining YOUR Private Practice

9 steps to practice

If you are looking to start and maintain a meaningful and profitable practice then allow me to help you save thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of sweat…I have done the dirty work for you!

Over the next 10 days I will offer a brief outline of what is found in my workbook and in-person workshops I offer. I will review the following 9 Simple Steps:

1. Navigating the Legal Side

2. Determine Your Optimal Location

3. Letting the Community Get to Know YOU!

4. Business Name Matters- How to Choose Your Name

5. Sharing Who You Are While Setting Boundaries

6. Tapping Into Real Referral Networks

7. Social Media and Blogging World – Do’s and Don’ts

8. Getting Paid For The Worth of Your Work- Reality of Insurance and Others Payors 

9. Looking Sharp and Professional While Cutting Overhead

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