Letting the Community Get to Know YOU! Step 3

The best tool in marketing is YOU! The community has to have an idea of who you are. Trust is not just built sitting in your office; rather, it is built in who YOU are in the community and online! I will highlight many areas to help you flourish in the community, including the following:

  • Newsletters – How to not be annoying, yet be consistent. I will discuss topics that should be addressed in your newsletters and how to speak to your audience in these newsletters.
  • Creating Speaking Events – People love the chance for free speaking events. Unless you are a very talented speaker do not advertise yourself to make a lot of money speaking. Instead, you want to educate the community on specific topics and allow them to interact with you.
  • Constructing a Sharp Website – People judge your websites all the time. I will teach you to create a website that catches your clients eye, keeps it simple, and brings in clients.
  • Phone consults –  Your times is valuable but allowing potential clients to speak with you over the phone is imperative. Thus, I will teach you what questions to ask, what to avoid, how to remain ethical, and how to land the first appointment.
  • How to receive ongoing training in your field of specialty and become the best at what you do!

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