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We lived in Maryville, Missouri for several years as a kiddo. When I was in the 4th  grade I noticed there was this little tree on the corner of our property. This amazing idea hit me right upside the head… if I jump over this tree every single day then I will be able to jump over it when it’s 20 feet tall. I was scared to share this goal with anyone but I was certain it would work!

Sure enough, everyday I jumped and jumped. Then… we moved! At the end of 6th grade we moved out of state. I was not able to fully test my theory :). However, years later the lessons hit me…

#1 I could jump higher. Though I was not going to be able to jump over the tree when it stood 20 feet, I was able to dunk a basketball my sophomore year of high school. This little daily habit I created allowed me to increase my ability to jump much higher.

#2 I looked elsewhere to improve my vertical leap. I started jumping on benches of picnic tables when we were camping. I would always look at things I could try to jump over everywhere I went. I did not realize that at a young age I was constantly looking to improve my ability to jump all because of a small 30 second/day habit.

#3 Little habits that slowly increase in difficulty create life sustaining transformations. Sometimes we get really excited and set a lofty goal and then two days later we are left hopeless. Instead, chipping away day after day with a small habit we all of a sudden realize a few days later we can jump so much higher than we ever thought possible!

Im not asking you to go jump over a tree. Find one small thing that over time will slowly increase in difficulty and you might surprise yourself.

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