Missing the Mark With Diets: Cutting Edge Discoveries for Sustainable Weight Loss

Missing the Mark weight lossWeight loss has become nothing short of a huge frustration for those who have tried and those who have invested billions of dollars. So many products and programs and companies have made billions on an average 8% success rate – ouch! This means people are asked to believe in ideas, supplements, and rigid programs to lose weight and become more healthy. The upside is that people show greater results when they do meet with dietitians and mental health therapists/coaches individually. Nonetheless, the statistics of SUSTAINABLE weight loss makes me sick. I do not believe it is because people are not trying hard enough. Instead, I believe it is because we have missed the mark. I think we all know that! What mark are we missing though?

People always state that they have proper knowledge of healthy food. It appears that in my clinical experience that is true half of the time. But even knowing what is healthy, do you know what will maximize your bodies potential and energy? I am not interested in you eating the only 5 healthy foods you know of. There are so many food options out there awaiting you!

The most intriguing concept that is highly misinterpreted is the emotional side. We always hear of emotional eating, but do we know what this means? In watching clients, myself included, lose significant weight I have learned the importance of what emotional eating really means. Psychological research has suggested to use cognitive skills (i.e. thought stoppers, countering thoughts, affirmations) in order to combat the emotional impediments of eating healthy. Cognitive skills work for short-term but cannot make sustainable changes to deeply engrained habits and emotional patterns. The problem is cognitive skills speak to the wrong part of the brain. They speak more to the neocortex, which is the area of the brain that does NOT work with emotions and other issues related to “emotional eating.” You see, this is clearly a problem. Let’s take a step back and look at what this really means. Diets and weight loss programs teach cognitive (thinking) strategies. This is like giving someone instructions in Portuguese who only speaks Spanish. They are going to understand a certain amount  of what is being said and accomplish some of the directions given. However, you’re not speaking the correct language, which is the most significant problem with diets and programs. WE ARE SPEAKING THE WRONG LANGUAGE! We must speak the true emotional and deep brain language. We have to access the subcortical brain.


The subcortical brain processes hunger, feeding, habits, and emotion. So, we have to understand how to speak to this part of the brain when starting to learn new eating habits. Anyone can learn great nutrition but if their subcortical brain is not able to function clearly (meaning not triggering the sympathetic nervous system, creating incoherent heart rate, and much more) then the new nutritional plan will last only short-term and fail within a few months. This all sounds so complicated, huh? It actually can be usually done through  some skills that are more focused on the body and accessing deep parts of the brain.

There is so much more that goes beyond simply cognitive and behavioral skills. One can gain great insight learning about the nervous system and its role in triggering poor food choices. You might also want to consider epigenetics and their role in creating ineffective nutritional habits. It is also effective to understand more about the glycemic index and how regulating your blood sugar levels in a simple manner can reduce cravings and binging. Man-o-man… this is exciting and cutting edge. I am so stoked to share with you in the upcoming months more of how to create your best lifestyle and maintain your ideal body weight. That said, the most important goal for me is to help you maximize your energy through lifestyle change and great nutrition!

I will be breaking this down in to very simple terms and skills in an upcoming webcast and also in-person at my workshop on August 1, 2015 in Westminster, Colorado. I also have workshops in the planning stages in Wisconsin, Atlanta Georgia, Salt Lake City Utah and Phoenix Arizona. You can find more information on my upcoming workshop HERE and if you’d like to keep updated on future workshops, don’t forget to join my email list!

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