Discipline vs. Dieting: They are Drastically Different!


Discipline is not equivalent to dieting. Discipline is about training and taking control of one’s own behavior. Dieting is focused on restriction and excluding things.

Discipline with food is training yourself to look for what foods will maximize your energy. Diets look to eliminate things from your life. Diets lead to forgetting that food is what your body needs because they are over focused on what NOT to put in your body to lose weight and forget to consider what foods will maximize energy.

Calorie counting is included in almost every diet. Is this discipline? NO! All this does is tell the body that food is not good for the body and we need to get rid of all the food entering our body as fast as possible. Instead, a disciplined lifestyle includes taking control of your nutritional intake while focusing on all of the best foods that will render the best day-to-day functioning.

In short, diets are about what you can lose and disciplined lifestyles are about all you can gain! As you gain energy you body gets rid of what you don’t need (i.e. weight and bad foods). Play with it a little!

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