80% of girls 10-years-old have been on a diet: What should we be teaching?

Eighty percent of 10-year-old girls in the U.S. have been on a diet! Most often these diets are imposed by adults. I don’t think we do this because we dislike our young daughters. I think we do this because we do care. We are just misfocused. Nonetheless, we are teaching the young ladies to measure their self-worth by the wrong scale.
Kids don’t need to hear “don’t eat that because it will make you fat.” Instead, it’s good to educate what sugar does then teach what will really energize the body. In other words, a candy bar will give a burst of energy for short-term followed by a crash. While a piece of fruit will give more energy to play longer. If we break this down… It can be presented to a kid as your body will play harder and longer at the park today if we give it some good food! That’s much more helpful than “stop eating that because it will make you gain weight.”
Teaching kids to enjoy healthy food vs hate fat producing food makes so much more sense!
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