Can’t Find Time for New Goals? Try This One Principle!

Principle for setting Goals
Photo Cred: Eric Sonstroem (Flickr)
We all live in a world that has us stretched thin… So, who has time for new goals and activities? You do! First, the goal has to mean something to YOU! Goals are what you want, not what you should do. Goals are what YOU desire to do, not what others desire of  you. So, let’s talk about this one principle to get you started on a new goal…

I like to call it the Piggyback Principle. If you are wanting to add 5 minutes of meditation in to your daily routine try adding it in before, during, or after a meal. Or, before or after your commute. You can take 5 minutes and park your car down the street before pulling up to your home. There are so many activities during the day that we can piggyback our new goals on to. New behaviors seem much easier when they  flow with our already current hectic schedule!

I challenge you to just start with one new small thing you want to start doing. Look at you’re already set routine and see where you can piggyback on the new behavior!

I’d love to hear what you are going to piggyback your new goal to! Comment below or let me know on facebook!

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