Small Steps Bring Success … Even in Your 70’s

Small Steps Bring Sucess

One of the best years of my life was while doing a rotation in graduate school during which I worked with people 65+ years old. Seriously, I loved it!

Recently, I was reminded how much I love this age group when a 72 year old lady chased me down in public and said , “Hey, you young man… Are you Dr Brazier? ” I responded, ” it depends.” She went on to tell me that she attended a presentation of mine last year. During that presentation I was teaching Small Steps and Motivating Motivation. Someone posed the question about tackling a super messy house. I discussed the idea to stop putting pressure to clean your whole house. Start with one room in one corner and move one thing. This 72 year old lady named Jean (she gave me permission to share her name) told me she thought that was the dumbest thing she ever heard and wanted to prove me wrong. She then wrapped her arms and around me and said her house is totally clean now and her family actually visits!!!

I asked Jean what happened and what worked. She said she literally moved a few pieces of mail off her table and then kept cleaning her table for 2 minutes a day for a few days. Then she kept setting the small goal to spend 5 minutes on cleaning small portions of her house.

Man, that does sound ridiculous. Sometimes we look for the big things we need to change to bring about huge outcomes. Let this wise lady teach us through her example … It’s the small and simple things!


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